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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do we go when we arrive?

    Please head to the registration desk, which will be outside the arena entrance and will be visible as soon as you enter the building. After registering your choir’s attendance you will be given wristbands for your choir members to gain access to the choir holding room (Orme Suite) where each choir will have an area to get ready for the competition. There’ll be access to male and female changing rooms as well as clothes rails and a café bar for refreshments.    Parking information and directions can be found on the Venue Cymru website Getting here | Venue Cymru.

  2. Can you book a rehearsal room?

    You have all been allocated a rehearsal time in Venue Cymru for 15 minutes directly prior to your performance on stage. Your choir runner will collect your choir either from the arena or the choir holding room and take you to the dedicated choir warm up room where there’ll be a keyboard available. From there you will go directly to stage to perform.  Informal rehearsals can also take place in the choir holding room where there’ll be a piano available for all choirs to share. 

  3. Will there be somewhere for us to get changed?

    Changing spaces will be available in the choir holding room (Orme Suite).

  4. Where can we leave our belongings?

    There will be a manned choir holding room where you can leave all of your belongings whilst you are competing. Only choir members with wristbands will be allowed in the holding room. Belongings are left at your own risk. 20 minutes before your performance on stage you will be lead from the arena or choir holding room to the warm up room. Ensure you have taken your belongings to the choir holding room prior to this. The choir will go directly from the warm up room to stage.

  5. Can we watch other competitions?

    As competing choirs, you are eligible to watch your competition free of charge however, prices for any other categories or for your supporters are £8 for adults and £4 for children. There’ll also be a feed of the competition in the choir holding room.

    We encourage all supporters to buy their tickets in advance for the competitions and concert. Tickets can be purchased here

  6. What are the risers like?

    The choir risers have 4 rows/steps and side railings. The front row is 21ft long. The back row is 30ft long. Each row is curved. There is a depth of 11ft. We will mark out the floor in the choir warm up room the same dimensions as the choir staging so you can practice in your choir positions.

  7. How long is our singing time?

    For the competitions, you will have a minimum of 8 minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes actual singing time. The clock will be stopped for the transition between your songs. You will be penalised if you go over. Please find more information in the rules and regulations.

  8. What information is there about the concert?

    For those choirs who have said they’d like to take part in the evening concert, we will be in touch to confirm your place in the concert and ask for your repertoire.

    You will be allocated six minutes to perform in the concert.

    The main choir holding room used for the competitions will not be available for the concert, we will allocate alternative rooms on the first floor for choirs to use as dressing rooms/warm ups.


  • Doors will open at 9am, please do not arrive earlier than 9am.
  • Please arrive in good time to register before your competition starts.
  • There will be a café bar available in the choir holding room and the main café bar will be open to the public in Venue Cymru.
  • Please read the rules and regulations for more information.
  • If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


If you have any queries you can contact the organisers using the details below:

Email Address:
Telephone: 01492 577839

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